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MCRC Voting in the time of a State of Emergency

07/23/2020 20:28 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

Members of the Motor City Radio Club.

At the board meeting on July 10, 2020 (held via video conference) the members of the Board discussed the struggles the COVID-19 pandemic has presented to our organization. Not least of which the upcoming nominations and elections of officers. Normally we would be opening nominations for officers at the September meeting and casting vote for those positions at the October meeting. Due to current restrictions in place for in-person meetings it has become obvious that another option needs to be presented.

To that end, the board unanimously agreed to the following process of handling voting and motions:

* Membership can cast votes electronically through the W8MRM website.

* All motions will be published on the website and emailed to the membership.

* A three (3) day discussion and Q&A period will follow each motion. A forum will be set up on the website for members to ask questions and debate the motion publicly.

* Following the three (3) day discussion period, a voting period of no less than seven (7) days will be provided for members to cast their votes online.

* After the polls close, the total number of votes cast must be greater than or equal to a quorum of the membership. (Required total votes for any particular motion will be published as part of the motion. And shall represent a quorum of members at the time the motion is published.) Motions that fail to receive a vote total greater or equal to a quorum will not pass.

* Members wishing to make a motion must do so via email to at least three (3) members of the board. All motions made this way will then be presented to the membership for a vote.

The tool used on the website allows only members in good standing to cast a vote. All of the votes cast on the website are SECRET. If for some reason you are unable to cast your vote electronically, you can mail in a "ballot" indicating what motion you are casting a vote for and if you are voting yeah or nay for that motion. Ballots must be sent to the club's PO box and need to be received before the voting period has expired.

We will be sending out a test vote so you can familiarize yourself with the process. If you have any questions please reach out to


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