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New Members

After attending at least three club functions/activities within a period of six months. 

Prospective members may leave a completed application along with an initiation fee of five dollars ($5.00) with the Club Secretary or register for a membership online (below) The Club Secretary will then hold said application until approved by the Board.

At the Board's discretion, they may waive the requirements for new members who state on their application that they cannot meet the requirements.

If accepted by a majority vote of the Board, the applicant will be notified by the Secretary, and at the next regular meeting will pay the required Dues and will be accepted as a member of the club.

Memberships Types 

  • Full (voting) member: Licensed radio amateur who has been admitted to MCRC Membership.
  • Associate (non-voting) member: Any non-licensed person interested in and/or the advancement of the amateur radio art.
  • Honorary (non-voting) member: A person, who is granted membership in the Motor City Radio Club for service to MCRC and/or amateur radio.
  • Life (voting) member: Life membership may be awarded by the MCRC board of directors if the radio amateur has been licensed for at least 50 (fifty) years and has been a Motor City Radio Club member for at least 5 (five) years.
  • Student (voting) member: This membership class requires that the person be a licensed radio amateur and also be currently enrolled in a recognized educational institution on a full time basis. Student memberships will expire on September 30th of the year that the member is no longer enrolled in a recognized educational institution on a full time basis.
  • Family membership: Family membership covers husband, wife and all dependents, however only licensed radio amateurs within the family are allowed to vote.
  • Incentive (voting) member: Persons who have attended an MCRC license class and have received a radio amateur license as a result will be offered free membership in the MCRC for the balance of the membership year. The appropriate initiation fee is still required.

Membership Fees

  • Full and Associate Memberships $25.00.
  • Retiree and Senior Citizen Memberships (age 60+) $20.00
  • Family Memberships $35.00
  • Student Memberships $10.00
  • Charter, Honorary and Life Memberships are exempt from paying dues.

Maintaining your Membership

Members more than three months in arrears in dues will be dropped, unless excused by a majority vote of the Board.

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