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FERMIX (FERMI) EXERCISE Tuesday September 20, 2022

09/10/2022 15:20 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

From Mark W8MCW

FERMIX (FERMI) EXERCISE Tuesday September 20, 2022 will start sometime after 9am (FEMA is running the drill)  and will be done before 2pm.

How can you help?  Be available for check-ins on the Monroe K8RPT repeater 146.72  - 600 offset 100 Hz PL.

Open to any licensed amateur radio operator who can reliability reach the Monroe repeater, from Downriver, you will need an outside antenna.

Check-ins will occur every 15 minutes after the hour and 15 minutes before the hour. This will be a directed net, and operators should advise the net control station if securing your station.

Please keep all net radio transmissions short and concise. The Monroe & Ida repeaters will not be available for normal amateur use during the drill.

Upon check in you will be asked if you can be available for a SIMULATED assignment, you don’t have to do anything, other than to try to stay on the net.

You may be told you are assigned to a location, remember THIS IS A DRILL, do not go to the location.

So if you are around your radio Tuesday September 20, you are welcome to help out.

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