Motor City Radio Club

MCRC 2023 - 2024 Officers and Board Members

President  Tony Griffin - KE8NSU
Vice-President   Bob Lawrence - K8HV
Secretary  Bryan Shiroda - KC8ZIQ
Treasurer  Craig Dunn - N2WXD
Trustee - W8MRM  Jim Baksa - KD8HFX
Trustee - W8GTZ  John Roberts - N8KAM
Parliamentarian  Dale Poblenz - WA8FRD
VE Liaison   Woody Kirkman - N8MWQ

MCRC Constitution and Bylaws

Who We are...

The MOTOR CITY RADIO CLUB was founded in 1932 by local amateur radio operators and has over 70 members from the metro area. The club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and was named an ARRL Special Service Club because of its emergency preparedness program, its participation in the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, as well as its technical education classes, community involvement, new amateur radio recruitment, and training.

Motor City Radio Club provides top-notch special events, breakfasts, fox hunts and exams. Along with great community support and participation - a combination that can't be beat! Through the club's commitment, experience, and expertise, the Motor City Radio Club (MCRC) has established a community relationship that will last a lifetime!

Anyone who has an interest in radio theory, radio propagation, construction, practical communications, the Morse code, transmitter hunting, or competitive contesting is welcome! Want to learn how shortwave propagation works? Want to learn how to find hidden transmitters? Want to speak to people in distant lands? Want to reflect radio signals off the moon? Join MCRC and experience whole new worlds!

Amateur Radio is a licensed radio service. To earn a license requires passing examinations regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. But we're not just for people who are already licensed... the members and officers of the MCRC are interested in sharing our enjoyable and interesting hobby with anyone who is curious about Amateur Radio and communications. We're also excited about helping people earn their own Amateur Radio license.

The Motor City Radio Club is a 501(c)3 organization affiliated with the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) which is a national focal point for Amateur Radio issues, representation, and information. A majority of our members are also League members.

Past MCRC Presidents

Bob Cunningham W8RFC 2021-2023
John Russman W8BJZ 2019-2021
Don Novak K8THU 2017-2019
Bruce Menning AC8KD 2015-2017
Bill Loeber AC8KO/NU3D 2013-2015
Jim Baksa KD8HFX 2011-2013
Ken Lux N8TDF 2010-2011
Linda Metz KC8PKY 2009-2010
Jim Lemerand K8SSB 2007-2009
Michael Rudzki N8MR 2006-2007
John Roberts N8KAM 2005-2006
Frank Burnham KC8TXX 2004-2005
John Roberts N8KAM 2003-2004
William Riley W8KZP 2002-2003
Dave Metz KC8OBH 2001-2002
Bruce Moyer KI8GR 1998-2001
James Baker N8RWK 1997-1998
William Riley W8KZP 1996-1997
Anne Travis K8AE (KB8HGM) 1994-1996
Ruth Mojrzeszek KB8IFM 1992-1994
John Holm WB8HNJ 1991-1992
Richard StAmant W8PDV 1990-1991
Gary Vrooman W8ARH 1989-1990
Charles Romick K8SAK 1988-1989
Charles Morris NS8F 1987-1988
Patricia Romick KA8IKA 1986-1987
Karen Beaudrie WD8KZX 1983-1985
Gary Vrooman W8ARH 1982-1983
Stan Briggs W8MPD/K8SB 1981-1982
John Bogan KC8K 1980-1981
Jim Besancon K8SIA 1978-1979
Charles Lewis WB8PFO 1977-1978
Mike Koralewski WB8RVG (K8VA) 1976-1977
Gary Vrooman W8ARH 1975-1976
Loren Dillon WN8NAC 2/74
Al Baker W8TZZ 10/73-12/73
Ray McDonald WA8SFF 1971-1972
Robert Bruder WA8VSQ 1969-1970
Bruno Walczak WA8DHP 1967-1968
Beverley Stoner K8ZJU 1966
Burt Knox K8YGW 1965
Paul Haber K8NZI 1964
Marion Stoner W8VWY 1962-1963
Menlo Gibbs K8BMC 1960-1961
Ernie Cram W8JXK 1959
Morrie Teague W8QFM 1958
Ken Stecker W8SS 1957
Ernie Cram W8JXK 1956
Loren Johnson W8YDR 1955
Dick Kowitz W8RCM 1953-1954
Al Lovato W8AJQ 1952
Ralph Duke W8CIC 1951
Nick Alimpich W8PYW 1948-1950
George Mihail W8OGV 1947
Sheldon Knoch W8FJL 1939-1947
Dallas Wise W8CEP 1937-1938
Percy Lister W8ISC 1936
J.O. Ellison W8COW 1935
Alex Doran W8GTZ 1932-1934


17099 PARK AVE
RIVERVIEW, MI 48192-4587

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