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Motor City Radio Club Member Library

The MCRC has a library of valuable knowledge that is available for loan to all members.  The library includes both books and audio tapes on various ham related subjects.  Members are encouraged to take advantage of this valuable member benefit.  

Below is a list of the resources currently in the library.
The ARRL- Operating Manual For Radio Amateurs

The ARRL- RFI Book 2nd Edition...Practical Cures for Radio Frequency Interference

The ARRL- Ham Radio Liscense Manual 1st Edition Level #1Technician

The ARRL- Handbook 2008...For Radio Communications.

The comprehensive RF Engineering Reference 85th Edition

Simple, low cost Wire Antennas for Radio Amateurs 

The ARRL- Handbook 2001 78th Edition

The ARRL- Spread Spectrum Source Book

ARRL   DVD  Amateur Radio Today

ARVN   DVD  Digital Voice for Amateur Radio  HF: AOR, WinDRM, DRMDV, FDMDV  25 Minutes        VHF/UHF: D-Star P-25  35 Minutes

Troubleshooting Solid State Circuits
- George Loveday, Arthur H. Seidman

Getting started in Electronics
-Forrest m. Mimms,III

National Electrical Code 2005
-International Electrical Code

Ham Antenna Construction Projects
-J.A. Stanley

Beam Antenna Handbook
-5th Edition Orr & Cowan

Amateur Radio Vertical Antenna Handbook
-Capt. Paul H. Lee USN (ret) N6PL

Digital Interfacing with an Analog World 2nd ed
-Joseph J. Carr

Cassette Tapes for General Class Liscense study 
- 6 Tapes

Cassette Tapes for Morse Code Practice
- 2 Tapes

CD's for Morse Code Practice
- 2 Tapes
Members are encouraged to contact the club librarian, Ray - KD8DPZ, to reserve any of the materials they wish to borrow.  Donations of new materials to the club library is also appreciated.


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