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The MCRC is a 501c3 Not-for-profit public service organization. Our only direct revenue is annual dues members pay. That is not enough to support the work the Motor City Radio Club does to support the community and the hobby. We depend on generous donations from our members and from community supporters to continue the educate and support the community. 

How will my donation be used?

NO donation goes to any individual or officer of the club. The MCRC is a completely voluntary group. 

ALL donations go to support the operation and maintenance of the club and its goals.

Donations go to:

  • Operating expenses
    • Meeting space rental
    • Event space rental (including educational spaces)
    • Insurance
    • Website
  • Education and licensing classes
  • Equipment that supports emergency communications

How to give

Giving is easy.

  • You can give a one time monetary gift
  • Re-occurring gift on a frequency of your choosing
  • You can donate your unused ham equipment 
  • You can name the MCRC in your estate planning for monetary, equipment, or property. 

Donating Equipment

Donating equipment is easy. 

  • Any equipment donated to the club will be used in one of the following ways.
    • Some equipment can be used to directly support the efforts of the club. That equipment will be held in custodianship and used at events like field day or other public operating events.
    • Equipment that can not be directly used in club activities will be sold or auctioned. First to club members (with a focus on new operators) then on the open market. Proceeds from those sales will go to the club's general operations fund. 
  • Donated equipment rarely sells for "market value" 
  • The donor will receive a letter of donation that itemizes the equipment was donated. 
    • Please note. The MCRC will NOT place a monetary value on any donated equipment. Any monetary value should be determined by the donor and their licensed tax agent. 
  • Please contact someone on the board if you wish to donate "vintage" equipment. In some cases there is collector value for non-operational vintage equipment. 
  • If you are unsure of the operational status of the equipment and are unfamiliar with the equipment DO NOT ATTEMPT TO POWER IT ON. 
    • Take pictures of the equipment that focus on make and model numbers than send the pictures to someone in the club for evaluation. 
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Donation goal

Collected: $30.00
Goal: $5,000.00


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