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Results of Sweepstakes Inter-Club Challenge

12/13/2022 21:21 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

The results of the November Sweeps Inter-Club Challenge is in. 

The challengers of K8SB N8KAM WB8AFO and KD8HFX did come out victorious in the challenge. That isn't to say that all of the participants weren't winners in the challenge that set for themselves. 

Congratulations to John N8KAM for pulling down a clean sweep in Phone sweeps. 

What is the next challenge to be? Can anyone say Michigan QSO Party?

CW **** Phone
Team 1 K8SB 79,920 K8SB 8,800
N8KAM 12,654 KD8HFX 13,250
N8KAM 42,000
WB8AFO 4,020
Totals 92,574 68,070 160,644
Team 2 N8ZFH 11,600 AC8KD 12,192
K8VA 11,520 K8THU 15,450
KE8AQW 5,330
N2WXD 390
N8ZFH 30,530
Totals 23,120 63,894 87,014


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