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How to comment on the 60-meter rulemaking

11/11/2023 06:23 | Anonymous

Comments are now due November 28, 2023, and replies December 28, 2023.

Docket #, 23-120

Here is the link to the ARRL page discussing in detail the proposed changes by the FCC and the ARRL response.

60 Meter Band (

Also, Steve KM9G from Temporarily Offline has a video on this issue.  Save 60 meters! - YouTube

If you wish to directly enter your comments, click here:  SUBMIT AN EXPRESS FILING

You can copy this text to add to your express filing or provide your own and/or add additional comments with your filing:

I request and urge the FCC to keep the four existing channels allocated to amateur radio on a secondary basis.

I request and urge the FCC to keep the 100 W power limit for the four existing channels and the new 15 kHz sub-band.



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