Motor City Radio Club

Fox Hunt #2

  • 06/17/2023
  • 10:30 - 13:30
  • Leo's Coney Island, 19230 Fort St, Riverview, MI

Responsibilities of the Fox. The Fox Must:

1. Be an MCRC member, or hide with the MCRC member who gets club license.

2. Use common sense to avoid placing anyone at risk.

3. Locate within a 20 mile radius of the Wyandotte Repeater for day hunts.

4. Locate on public property or in a place accessible to the general public during hunt.  Make sure teams are able to arrive at Fox’s Hideout without violating Hunter’s responsibility Rule no. 7.

5. Locate where no admission charge or payment of any kind is necessary in order to access the Fox's Hideout.

6. Get permission from owners of property or local officials.

7. Notify police of your intention to locate Fox's Hideout in their jurisdiction.

8. Transmit on input frequency of the Wyandotte Repeater, 147.840 MHz.

9. Transmit one minute on; one minute off.

10. Monitor the Wyandotte Repeater for emergency or other traffic between transmissions.

11. Determine that transmissions constantly hold the Wyandotte Repeater. The power level and antenna pattern of Fox's signal may be varied as long as they remain uninterrupted on repeater output.

12. See to it that the Fox's signals are transmitted from within the same 100 foot diameter circle.

13. Observe Fox Hunt Time Limits:  10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

14. Arrange for distribution at starting point of envelopes with maps to Fox's Hideout enclosed.

15. Obtain W8MRM License from MCRC Trustee and the permission to use club call during the hunt.

16. Record arrival time as soon as hunter finds the fox.  Record odometer mileage of successful hunters specified location and notes their arrival position.  Then send them to a prearranged location, so as to not give away the fox's location.


17099 PARK AVE
RIVERVIEW, MI 48192-4587

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