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Fox Hunting

Fox hunting, in the context of ham radio, is an engaging activity where participants use radio direction-finding techniques to locate a hidden transmitter, often referred to as the "fox." Similar to traditional fox hunting, ham radio fox hunting involves a pursuit across varied terrain, but instead of chasing a live animal, participants track radio signals emitted by the hidden transmitter.

A standard hunt begins with the transmission of a signal from the hidden transmitter into the WY8DOT repeater. Using specialized equipment such as directional antennas and receivers, participants tune in to the repeater's input signal (147.840 Mhz) and use direction-finding techniques to determine the transmitter's location. A standard hunt at the MCRC encompasses a large area and requires participates to drive to a location, obtain bearings and try to determine where the fox could be and where is best to look or take new bearings from.

The club may also offer smaller fox hunts that use low power transmitters and take place on foot. These hunts are often quicker and allow new operators to learn the basics.

Ham radio fox hunting offers enthusiasts an opportunity to hone their radio communication and direction-finding skills while enjoying the thrill of the chase. It fosters camaraderie among participants and encourages teamwork as individuals work together to locate the hidden transmitter.

Hunts are held on the 3rd Saturday of the month May thru October unless it interferes with other club functions.  Check calendar for updates. 

The 2024 season schedule, subject to change, is:

May 18th,  June 15th,  July 20th,  August 17th,  September 21st and  October 19th.

Where do we start from?

We meet at Parthenon Coney Island & Restaurant; 17064 Fort St, Riverview, MI 48193 at 9:00 for breakfast. Then at 10:30 a.m. people group up and begin the hunt for the Fox. If you don't have any directional finding equipment, don't worry. There will usually be someone there that you can ride with, if you do plan to ride along please contact in advance so we can be sure some one would be available. It's sure to be a fun time for all!

Fox Hunting Rules for 2024 Season

Responsibilities of the Fox. The Fox Must:

  1. Be an MCRC member, or hide with the MCRC member who gets club license.
  2. Use common sense to avoid placing anyone at risk.
  3. Locate on public property or in a place accessible to the general public during hunt.  Make sure teams are able to arrive at Fox’s Hideout without violating Hunter’s responsibility Rule no. 7.
  4. Locate where no admission charge or payment of any kind is necessary in order to access the Fox's Hideout.
  5. Get permission from owners of property or local officials.
  6. Notify police of your intention to locate Fox's Hideout in their jurisdiction.
  7. Transmit on input frequency of the Wyandotte Repeater, 147.840 MHz.
  8. Transmit one minute on; one minute off.
  9. Monitor the Wyandotte Repeater for emergency or other traffic between transmissions.
  10. Determine that transmissions constantly hold the Wyandotte Repeater. The power level and antenna pattern of Fox's signal may be varied as long as they remain uninterrupted on repeater output.
  11. The Fox's location must be within a 20 mile radius of the Wyandotte Repeater.
  12. See to it that the Fox's signals are transmitted from within the same 100 foot diameter circle.
  13. Observe Fox Hunt Time Limits:  10:30 AM to 1:30 PM.
  14. Arrange for distribution at starting point of envelopes with maps to Fox's Hideout enclosed.
  15. Obtain W8MRM License from MCRC Trustee and the permission to use club call during the hunt.
  16. Record arrival time as soon as hunter finds the fox.  Record odometer mileage of successful hunters specified location and notes their arrival position.  Then send them to a prearranged location, so as to not give away the fox's location.

Responsibilities of the Hunter. All Hunters Must:

  1. Check in at common starting point at least fifteen minutes before contest begins to receive envelope and have odometer mileage recorded.
  2. Pick up special fox hunt publicity fliers for distribution to any inquisitive people encountered. The fliers briefly explain fox hunting and Ham Radio.
  3. Understand that the object of the contest is to arrive at the Fox’s Hideout while traveling the lowest mileage (First Place). For a team to place, their vehicle must arrive before the contest expires. In the event that two teams obtain odometer readings that are within 0.2 miles of one another a challenge may be made and an odometer run off be used to resolve the question. In the event that this results in a tie, the team arriving first will be declared the winner for that place.
  4. Form a team. A minimum of two people per team is suggested.
  5. Understand that it is not permissible to pay an entrance fee, toll, pre-paid pass, etc, to gain a mileage advantage.
  6. Welcome All Guests joining the hunt! Remember some may become new hams or MCRC members.
  7. Use common sense. Stay out of trouble. Avoid risky situations. Never trespass on private property. Obey all Laws.

Fox Hunting Map

20 Mile radius

Proposed 30 mile radius

Season Standings and Results

2023 Season Winners

AC8KD & K8HV - 22 pts.

2022 Season Winners

N8MWQ & LINDA - 28 pts.

2021 Season Winners

K8HV & W8MRA - 28 pts.

2020 Season Winners

K8HV & KE8HCD - 28 pts

2019  Season  Winner

AC8KD - 27 pts.

2018 Season Winners

N8MWQ & KE8CDD - 27 pts.

2017 Season Winners

AC8KD & K8HV - 25 pts.

2016 Season Winners

N8MWQ & KE8CDD - 27 pts.

2015 Season Winners

N8MWQ & AC8KD - 28 pts.

2014 Season Winners

N8MWQ & AC8KD - 25 pts.

2013 Season Winners

K8SB, N8TDF & N8SLJ - 25 pts.

2012 Season Winners

KC8OBH & KC8PKY - 27 pts.

2011 Season Winners

N8SLJ & N8TDF - 27 pts.

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