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  • 11/02/2011 11:08 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)
    From the ARRL Facebook page

    This past weekend's unusual Autumn snow storm caused significant damage to a few of W1AW's antennas, especially the 40-meter yagis. Until a temporary 40-meter antenna is installed, there will be no CW transmissions on 40 meters. W1AW's CW transmissions can still be received on 160, 80, 20, 17, 15, 10 and 2 meters.
  • 11/01/2011 21:30 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)


    Thank you for responding to my e-mail.  

    The IEEE is continuing its mission of outreach to students to interest them in Science,
    Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through extracurricular activities
    that engage their innate interest in the universe around them.  Part of that engagement
    is using and building tools that allow them to extend their reach and senses.  

    As part of that outreach, we are hoping to help students build small electrical and electronic projects that allow them to learn basic electrical and electronic skills and fundamental theory and practice as well.  Some of these projects will teach component identification, soldering, circuit construction, packaging, power considerations, etc..  In effect, most of the skills needed in amateur radio.  

    Along with this experience, we hope to include options for students to see amateur
    radio equipment in operation, visit amateur radio stations, visit a field day outing, learn
    Morse code and prepare to become 'hams' themselves.  

    Skills of the people who will work with the students would be those of almost any one in MCRC who has already taught any of the license classes; working with students, teaching hands on skills, explaining electrical and electronic theory is fundamental and simple language.  

    I would expect that most projects would require someone to be the project leader, teacher and guide during a 6 to 8 week period of about 2 hours a week.  
    Initial program modules are planned to be based out of the:

    Caroline Kennedy Library
    24590 George St.
    Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
    under the direction of Mary Howard, Supervising Librarian.  

    By the first of 2012, the library will be equipped with a number of 'Science Experiment Kits' to demonstrate fundamental scientific principles to young students.  Some of these may be adaptable to more advanced intentions, or perhaps would be ideal for initial learning in areas of electronics.  

    We intend to step beyond these initial introductory 'experiments' to offer more advanced
    projects in radio, radio-astronomy, RF sensing, laser sensing, remote control vehicles,
    etc..  the list can go as far as our imagination and manpower will permit.  

    The plan is to pair an IEEE member with an amateur for each project or class so that
    no one is required to shoulder the entire responsibility for teaching and supervising
    alone.  For large projects, or large groups of students, a corresponding larger 'team' of
    instructors might be required.  (We are doing this for the first time, and some learning on our part is to be expected as we iron out the 'kinks' and develop the program plan.)  

    Note that this is our initial 'pilot' program, based out of a neighborhood library.  We hope
    to locate more libraries who's supervising librarian's who would also be in a position
    to support programs such as these in their communities and expend the program as
    we learn what works.  

    I hope to be able to visit MCRC in either November or December and speak to the
    membership about this program.  



    Kimball Williams N.C.E. / N8FNC

  • 11/01/2011 21:07 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

    The presentation that Stan - K8SB presented at the October meeting is here on the website.  If you were unable to make the meeting or would like to see some of the history of the repeater that we so enjoy check out the link below.  The PDF provides you with all of the slides that were presented at the meeting.  Please enjoy.

  • 10/19/2011 14:19 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

    The team of Ken -N8TDF and Ray - N8SLJ.  With a total of 27 points.  

    Congratulations gentlemen on an excellent season of hunting that pesky fox... or in some cases being that pesky fox.

    Check out the final standings on the fox hunt page
  • 10/12/2011 14:53 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

    Thanks Ron N8XZ for sending us this info on the JOTA event happening this Saturday.  If you have the time tune in and help the Scouts make some contacts.  Then let let us know on the next Tuesday night net how many contacts you made.  

    Help get kids excited about ham radio.

    Operating Frequencies

    The following frequencies are those established by the World Scout Bureau for use during the JOTA weekend.

    Amateur Band   SSB/Phone          CW
    80 meters         3.69 & 3.94 MHz    3.57 MHz
    40 meters         7.19 & 7.27 MHz    7.03 MHz
    20 meters        14.29 MHz            14.06 MHz
    17 meters        18.14 MHz            18.08 MHz
    15 meters        21.36 MHz            21.14 MHz
    12 meters        24.96 MHz            24.91 MHz
    10 meters        28.39 MHz            28.18 MHz

    These are "calling frequencies". After contact has been made, you should move off that frequency (either above or below) to continue your contact and allow others to use the calling frequency.

    Note: D-STAR reflectors REF019A and REF019C will also be active for JOTA weekend.


    Glenn tells me to check DStar REF014C as well.


    I found websites for it too:









  • 10/06/2011 16:19 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)
    FEMA is putting on a class on winter storm spotting.. Check the following website for more details.

  • 09/16/2011 13:07 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)
    The Nominations are in and the election is set for the October meeting.
    Here are your nominations for the 2011-2012 officers

    Ken Lux - N8TDF
    Jim Baksa - KD8HFX

    Vice President
    Bob Rehan - AC8DZ
    John Roberts - N8KAM

    No nomination

    Dale Poblenz - WA8FRD

    Remember that is is important for you to attend the October meeting to cast your vote for next years officers. If you are unable to attend the meeting and still wish to have your a say in who is elected.  You may designate another member as your proxy.  Please download and complete the Proxy Form and give it to a member of your choice. (Do not designate one of the nominated members as your proxy)

  • 09/12/2011 12:00 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)
    The WY8DOT repeater is backup.  

    Thanks to Stan and Dale for all the hard work in getting the repeater back on the air.
  • 09/06/2011 19:02 | John Roberts
    The WY8DOT Repeater has been Temporally Disabled. Please note... you will need to be on 147.24 Simplex to check in to the net...

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