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Preparing for a Simplex Net

From time to time we will run the Tuesday night net in SIMPLEX. This means that we turn off the WY8DOT repeater and run the net in a simulated disaster condition. Periodic exercises like this are an important way keep our skills as operators sharp and practice for the unexpected. This guide should give you a quick reference to the simplex net as well as some pointers on how to configure your radio to quickly switch over to simplex mode. 

When doing a simplex net the NCO will not call the role as usual. Under a simplex net the NCO will ask for stations to check in based on the first letter of the suffix of their call sign. 

Simplex Net Specifics

Frequency - 147.24 

Offset - OFF

PL Tone - OFF

Squelch Tone - OFF

Pointers and Reminders

  • Once you have your radio configured for simplex STORE those settings in a memory. 
  • When tuning your radio to 147.24 most radios will automatically set a positive offset. You will need to manually turn off the offset in order to set your radio to simplex mode. 
  • Don't wait till the night of the net to try and configure your radio for a simplex net. Take the time to configure and test your radio prior to the net.
  • The range of your radio will be significantly diminished without the help of the repeater.
  • Handheld radios with a rubber duck antenna may have difficulty being heard. Be sure to position yourself in a location where your signal is unobstructed. ie go outside!!!
  • Have patience. The NCO will do their best to take check ins quickly and efficiently. Working simplex nets is a little more difficult than running a net with the help of a repeater. You may need to give your call multiple times; and/or, use phonetics. 


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