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All licenced operators are welcome to join us on the air for our weekly Tuesday information net on the Wyandotte repeater (WY8DOT). The beginning of the net offers announcements of interest to ham radio operators followed by a run of our call roster. We often have a fun question of the week for you to answer in addition to any news you would like to share. We run the net based on the call roster and your position on the list is dictated by the number of nets you check into. New stations calling in to the net start at the bottom and work their way up by checking in consistently. The average time to conduct the net is approximatley 1 hour.

If you are out of range of the repeater you can also join us on EchoLink @ WY8DOT-R

   Repeater Call  Frequency  Offset  PL Tone







 WY8DOT - Alternate Location






Time: Tuesdays from 9:00 - 10:00 pm EST

The first net of each month is dedicated to the Alex J Doran memorial station. Alex J Doran net script


This is W8MRM, with________ at the mike, beginning the _____ session of the Motor City Radio Club two meter net. This net meets each Tuesday evening at 9 pm on 147.84/147.24 Mhz, the “Wyandotte Repeater”. If you are traveling you can still check into the net via EchoLink. Find us at the bottom of the 8 section at WY8DOT-R

The purpose of the net is to provide a regular opportunity for amateur radio operators to share news of interest. Membership in the Motor City Radio Club is NOT necessary for participation. All licensed radio amateurs operators are welcome to check in to the net.

W8MRM has been the club call for the Motor City Radio Club since 1934. For more information, you can look us up on the web @  I will call the roll and stand by for stations to check in to the net. My name is _______

Opening Announcements

Our first stand-by is for any station wishing to make an announcement before the roll call. Any Station wishing to make an announcement please call net control. 

Do the Roll Call

After Roll Call/ Late and Additional Check-ins

This concludes tonight’s roll. I will now take late and additional check-ins. Please give your name and call sign SLOWLY. Please call net control now.


This has been the ____ session of the Motor City Radio Club two meter net. The board of the Motor City Radio Club would like to thank you for your participation.

The Board of the Motor City Radio Club would also like to thank the Wyandotte Amateur Radio Repeater Association for the use of this repeater. This net will meet again next Tuesday at 9 PM on this frequency. I will now return the repeater back to regular amateur use. This is W8MRM clear.

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Net Announcements

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