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  • 04/17/2016 09:33 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

    MCRC's participation in the Michigan QSO party went very well. Members took this opportunity to hone existing skills and to teach the new operators the ways of good contesting.

    Two of our newest operators Tony KE8CDD and Patrick KE8DOA took the operating positions under the watchful eye of Joel WU8Y. Under Joel's tutelage the two new guys found their rhythm and were working pileups like champs.

    Experienced operators Stan K8SB, Joel WU8Y, Bob AC8DZ, Gary W8GPR and Jim KD8HFX took over the airwaves and pounded out contact after contact. (Well K8SB was the only one truly "pounding out contacts" Stan's CW skills are unmatched!)

    A big thanks goes out to John N8KAM for arranging the stations location. Thanks to all the members who came out on Friday to help put up the antenna.

    There were some last minute complications with submitting the log, but we plan to work out that problem this week. Once we have our final points break down we will post that.

    73 everyone and good DX in 2016

  • 03/04/2016 10:07 | Woody Kirkman (Administrator)

    It’s MGST Time Again!

    We have once again been asked to provide communications in support of the 33rd Annual Metro Grand Spring Tour.  The ride will be on Sunday, May 1, 2016 and starts at the Willow Metropark at 7 AM.  We usually cover about 15 checkpoints along the route.  If you are  interested in signing up, please go to the club website, see me at the March or April meeting or you can contact me via email or phone.  All help will be greatly appreciated.  Don’t forget we get a free pancake breakfast provided by Chris Cakes at the Erie Metropark in Rockwood until 1 PM.  (Park entrance fee applies.)   Below, I have included some information on what we do and what you need to bring.

    What to Bring:

    • An automobile (each person needs transportation unless working together)
    • Radio capable of 5 Watt output.  Higher power Mobile Rig preferred
    • Antenna capable of reaching the Wyandotte Repeater
    • Notepad and pen/pencil to record messages
    • Bag lunch (Some assignment are a long distance from where one can purchase food and we cannot substitute for you while you are looking for a place to eat)
    • Comfortable chair (optional)
    • Cell phone for back up communications with the NCS
    • Tire Pump with dual fittings (Optional)

    Net Control Station will be located at the Willow Metropark swimming pool area

    • 6:30 AM a few to help put up the antenna and MCRC banner.
    • 6:45 AM report for assignments if you have not already received them by other means such as email or US mail.  
    • Be aware there is a $10.00 daily park admission fee good for all Metroparks.  Annual passes are $21.00 for seniors. 

    You will receive:

    • Checkpoint assignment
    • Maps
    • MGST T-Shirt

    Breakfast at Lake Erie Metropark starts at 8 AM.  I will attempt to assign operators to their checkpoint in such a way that those locations at the extreme distances on the routes can go to the breakfast prior to reporting to their checkpoint.  The relief operators, providing we have any, will replace others in turn for breakfast.


    Woody N8MWQ  Cell Phone: 734-818-0484

  • 02/20/2016 16:51 | Anonymous

    Join us on Saturday April 16th for the MI QSO Party. Location? Community Bible Church, 3700 Benson St in Trenton. This is where we had Field Day 2015. Noon until 6pm planned. Might run later if there are willing participants.

  • 01/28/2016 14:10 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)
    Activating a ham radio station on the North Country Scenic Trail in Michigan's Upper Peninsula as part of the ARRL and National Park Service "National Parks on the Air" event....From the website and journalist Mike Wendland, who travels the country in an RV looking for interesting people and places

  • 01/02/2016 13:16 | Bill Loeber  

    We are only into the second day of this year long event and it is proving to be a lot of fun!  Check out the above link from ARRL.

    Hear you on the bands.


    Bill NU3D  

  • 12/04/2015 19:19 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)

  • 12/02/2015 22:01 | Bruce Menning

    I am very sad to report that Anne Travis, K8AE, became a silent key this morning in her sleep.

    No arrangements are being announced right now.

    I will update this once arrangements are announced.

    Bruce. AC8KD

  • 11/20/2015 13:32 | Jim Baksa (Administrator)
    Many of the members have already taken the 2015 November Dinner survey.  If you haven't you can click HERE to make your opinions known.

    You may also look at the survey results and see overall how our members felt about the dinner. 

  • 11/01/2015 12:29 | Bill Loeber

    I would like to give a big congratulations to the 2015 Fox Hunt Season Winners Bruce AC8KD & Woody N8MWQ!  This is the second year in the row that Bruce and Woody were the winners. 

    I would also like to congratulate all of the Fox Hunters this season for a great job! 


    Bill AC8KO    

  • 10/03/2015 16:17 | Bruce Menning

    Bruce Menning AC8KD 2015-

    Bill Loeber AC8KO 2013-2015      

    Jim Baksa KD8HFX 2011-2013

    Ken Lux N8TDF 2010-2011

    Linda Metz KC8PKY 2009-2010

    Jim Lemerand K8SSB 2007-2009

    Michael Rudzki N8MR 2006-2007

    John Roberts N8KAM 2005-2006

    Frank Burnham KC8TXX 2004-2005

    John Roberts N8KAM 2003-2004

    William Riley W8KZP 2002-2003

    Dave Metz KC8OBH 2001-2002

    Bruce Moyer KI8GR 1998-2001

    James Baker N8RWK 1997-1998

    William Riley W8KZP 1996-1997

    Anne Travis K8AE (KB8HGM) 1994-1996

    Ruth Mojrzeszek KB8IFM 1992-1994

    John Holm WB8HNJ 1991-1992

    Richard StAmant W8PDV 1990-1991

    Gary Vrooman W8ARH 1989-1990

    Charles Romick K8SAK 1988-1989

    Charles Morris NS8F 1987-1988

    Patricia Romick KA8IKA 1986-1987

    Karen Beaudrie WD8KZX 1983-1985

    Gary Vrooman W8ARH 1982-1983

    Stan Briggs W8MPD/K8SB 1981-1982

    John Bogan KC8K 1980-1981

    Jim Besancon K8SIA 1978-1979

    Charles Lewis WB8PFO 1977-1978

    Mike Koralewski WB8RVG (K8VA) 1976-1977

    Gary Vrooman W8ARH 1975-1976

    Loren Dillon WN8NAC Feb-74

    Al Baker W8TZZ 10/73 - 12/73

    Ray McDonald WA8SFF 1971-1972

    Robert Bruder WA8VSQ 1969-1970

    Bruno Walczak WA8DHP 1967-1968

    Beverley Stoner K8ZJU 1966

    Burt Knox K8YGW 1965

    Paul Haber K8NZI 1964

    Marion Stoner W8VWY 1962-1963

    Menlo Gibbs K8BMC 1960-1961

    Ernie Cram W8JXK 1959

    Morrie Teague W8QFM 1958

    Ken Stecker W8SS 1957

    Ernie Cram W8JXK 1956

    Loren Johnson W8YDR 1955

    Dick Kowitz W8RCM 1953-1954

    Al Lovato W8AJQ 1952

    Ralph Duke W8CIC 1951

    Nick Alimpich W8PYW 1948-1950

    George Mihail W8OGV 1947

    Sheldon Knoch W8FJL 1939-1947

    Dallas Wise W8CEP 1937-1938

    Percy Lister W8ISC 1936

    J.O. Ellison W8COW 1935

    Alex Doran W8GTZ 1932-1934


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